Happy 2014 Everyone!

Hey all, welcome to my new website! It's far from being complete, but it's getting there, and it beats the old one which was kind of like the Edward Jones Dome in St Louis - it was outdated from the minute it was built :)

Anyway, I'm planning a busy year of playing tunes and singing for y'all, and this is a great way (along with FB and Twitter) to keep you posted. Not only that, but I'm finishing up that years-in-the-making CD; it'll be available for purchase on the site, along with being on iTunes. We'll also have shirts, drink coozies, and lots of other cool stuff in the store - and I'll be doing giveaways regularly for signed stuff. 

If you've got ideas or just want to talk about anything, go ahead and blog away. Thanks for supporting live local music and let's all keep in touch! 

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