Steve Reeb

Steve's been involved in the St. Louis, MO/Belleville, IL music scene for many years, as lead vocalist/bassist for bands such as The Symptoms, Nexus, The Jetsons, and others. After a stint in the federal witness protection program, he decided to become a candlestick maker in Manitoba, but found the weather a bit too balmy and came back to the Midwest.

For the past several years, Steve's had a nice little run as a solo guitarist/vocalist, playing in and around the Belleville area as well as in the Soulard area of St Louis. He's known for playing a little bit of everything - and a lot of songs you know but perhaps haven't had beaten into your head by the radio or other musical acts. Except for one thing: He plays a lot of Johnny Cash. A lot. It never gets old for the fans, whether they are grade school kids (yep, he's done that) or retirement home seniors (does that too and loves it).

Steve's written a few songs and has an EP about to come out, "We Never Ran The Dairy". The cows on the cover were not harmed and he doesn't even drink milk, so it's all good in the hood. Some of the songs are related to subjects in Steve's life, and the others just came out of nowhere. However, they're catchy little dittys that folks seem to like.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy checking out this site, listening to the music, and checking out the calendar. Steve loves to entertain and has done his share of falling off tables during blazing guitar solos (maybe not blazing, but in key anyway), so check him out soon. And if you ever get to Manitoba - well, just don't. It's really not balmy just really damn cold.